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    Thai massage, also known as Thai Therapeutic Massage, is a unique form of massage therapy that is different significantly from conventional Swedish massage. Instead of lying down on a massage table, you lie flat on a mat that is placed on the flooring. A provider will gently massage your upper body in order to increase flexibility and stimulate different organs. Thai massage goes beyond Swedish massage. It’s part of Thai medical tradition. In fact, Thai massage is among one of the oldest types of massage therapy in the world. The ancient practice of massage is inspired by the wisdom of traditional Thai therapy, philosophy as well as science and anatomy.

    The origin of Thai massage can be traced through the earliest days of Buddhism and it continues to be practiced since the time of Buddha. The earliest texts of the Thai royal palace in ancient times outline specific techniques for massage that were used to treat different medical ailments. The techniques are based on exercises for the muscular system and stretching exercises for muscles, breathing exercises to open the air passages and pranayama, or yogic breathing exercises. Aromatherapy can also be a component of pranayama (yogic breathing exercises). Aromatherapy promotes healing processes through breathing in scented oils that can calm your mind.

    Thai massage can provide many benefits. For one, a good massage will ease muscle tension and pain increase circulation, and relieve headaches. The intense pressure that is exerted by the hands on muscles can help to strengthen and stretch connective tissues. Moreover, a skilled Thai masseuse is able to manipulate muscles to release tension, increase flexibility, as well as reduce the inflammation of the spinal.

    Although Swedish massage benefits the superficial muscles, Thai massage deeper penetrating into muscle tissue allows greater flexibility. Thai massage benefits include lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. Also, it detoxifies toxic waste and helps eliminate accumulated waste. It improves circulation, increases immunity, eases tension, and boosts blood flow. Thai massage boosts energy and circulation, aswell being a great way to reduce fatigue. To meet the demands of customers to provide more health benefits such as cellulite reduction, improved circulation, and increased strength of immunity, these massage chairs offer advanced body conditioning programs.

    The best Thai massage therapies are provided by qualified professionals who are part of an organisation named The International Society of Thai Massage. International Society of Thai Massage does not operate as a traditional organization. The Society does not have a central administrative headquarters. Instead, it has branches throughout the world that connect members with common interests and goals. ITSM members are able to access the other members, and information as well as resources. It allows them to combine their efforts to build and keep their own Thai massage therapy pedigrees.

    To become certified to practice Thai massage, one must undergo the training at an institute accredited by ITSM. Examiners will have to pass an exam that is written as well as hands-on. In the beginning, the test will require candidates to learn the way Thai massage therapy functions. Through the course students will study the history and theory of Thai-massage. This includes classical and contemporary Thai massage techniques, body mechanics and structures as well as medical procedures as well as kinesiopathology. Then, you’ll learn the techniques of Thai massage.

    Thai massage is not taught in formal schools or via education. Candidates who want to become Thai massage therapists may seek a teaching certificate at Thai Massage Institute. Thai Massage Institute. The Thai Massage Institute provides two forms of education. Thai Master Therapist (TMS) as well as Thai massage chair. TMS graduates will be issued an official certificate. The Chair Massage certificate might be more appropriate for students who have a desire to establish their own company or who have an interest in a different area than what they are taught in the classroom. An Thai Massage Chair course typically consists of classroom instruction, group supervision, and clinical experience.

    Many people confuse Thai massage for any of a number of similar types of therapeutic massage like acupressure, shiatsu or Swedish massage. Consequently, they believe they will easily find work as the Thai massage therapy. However, this can very difficult. Since Thai massage therapists have to possess a particular educational background, they are usually higher-trained as compared to those who are Western counterparts. Because Western masseurs and doctors are used for treating patients in a medical setting, the transition from being a patient’s primary care physician to becoming a Thai massage therapist can be a challenge. There are, however, some reputable Thai massage therapy colleges that can help graduates make the shift to become a fully-employed massage therapy therapist.

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